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We know ourselves in the body-form and that is an illusion. We are formless. All that we see is an illusion. That through which we see is Reality. When we concentrate on the Invisible Concentrator, the Presence, the Invisible Seer within, we forget about our body-mind identity.

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We do not know ourselves. Even when we read spiritual books, we are still only trying to know ourselves through words, indirectly. Direct Self-Knowledge is only possible through meditation.

A process is needed to help us forget about all our illusory concepts and worldly concerns that cause us so much anxiety, dispeace and unhappiness. When we turn our attention inwards, slowly but surely, meditation will give us a solid foundation that will restore calm, peace and happiness.

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Ajai Alai - Invincible, Indestructible.

Abhai Abai - Fearless, Unchanging.

Abhoo Ajoo - Unformed, Unborn.

Anaas Akaas - Imperishable, Etheric

Aganj Abhanj - Unbreakable, Impenetrable.

Alakh Abhakh - Unseen, Unaffected.

Akaal Dy-aal - Undying, Merciful

Alaykh Abhaykh - Indescribable, Uncostumed.

Anaam Akaam - Nameless, Desireless.

Agaah Ataah - Unfathomable, Incorruptible.

Anaathae Pramaathae - Unmastered, Destroyer.

Ajonee Amonee - Beyond birth, Beyond silence.

Na Raagay Na Rangay - Beyond love, Beyond color.

Na Roopay Na Raykhay - Beyond form, Beyond shape.

Akarmang Abharmang - Beyond karma, Beyond doubt.

Aganjae Alaykhae - Unconquerable, Indescribable.


This Mantra in ancient Sanskrit is a call for Enlightenment!

The "Gayatri Mantra" considered to be the mother of all Mantras, is one of the oldest and most powerful of Sanskrit Mantras. When we chant this Mantra and meditate on the Immanent and Transcendent Divine, we ask for the divine light and grace to illuminate our hearts, so that we can realize the Ultimate Truth.   

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah

Tat-Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat

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