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Ultimate Truth shows you how to find permanent happiness and peace, without any material cause. It contains the rarest, and the highest knowledge of who you are.

The Master, Sri Ramakant Maharaj, direct disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, answers the fundamental questions of your existence with astonishing clarity, logic and potency. He unequivocally conveys Ultimate Truth, thus revealing your true identity. One by one, your dearly-held, illusory concepts are demolished by His revolutionary and absolute teachings.

  “Why keep travelling when you are the destination.”

                         “Why ask for blessings?
Put your hand on your own head, and bless yourself.”

You have mistakenly accepted the body-form as your identity, and as a result, your life is filled with drama, problems, stress and fear. Your whole perspective will change dramatically, when this identification ceases.


“When happiness is no longer required you have reached the destination.”

The Master turns your attention back to your forgotten identity, your Ultimate Truth. He leaves no hiding place for the illusory mind, the ego, and the intellect, imploring you to: “Please accept the Reality! Come out of the darkness of ignorance, and bring your suffering to an end.”

Ultimate Truth is a game changer for anyone seeking Self-Realization!

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