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Seeking ends here! You will find the answer to the perennial question, “Who am I?” in this enlightening book. Who Am I? contains the knowledge and practice that will uproot illusion, free you from suffering and establish you in your true nature.

You will be liberated from the mistaken notion of being a separate individual, who was born one day and will die some other day. When you realize your true, eternal nature, that you are not the body-mind, that it is only the body that dies, and not “you”, the fear of death will spontaneously vanish along with every other fear.

This book shows you how to find permanent happiness from within. What you are looking for can only be found in you because you are the Ultimate Reality, the Source of happiness, peace and love.

What you are about to read is fresh, direct and straightforward, but above all, transformational. Let the alchemy begin!

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